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"Maximizing Your Professional Network". Insights for WeCoach Coaches in the Catch A Vision Series

e.t.c were delighted to be recognized as a Member Benefits Partner with WeCOACH in the Fall of 2023. WeCOACH is a one-of-a-kind nonprofit membership organization dedicated to recruiting, advancing, and retaining women coaches in all sports and levels through year-round professional growth & leadership development programs.

As part of WeCOACH's Catch A Vision Program, Julie Muller and I were thrilled to lead a webinar for Aspiring Women Coaches focusing on 'Professional Networks: Why They Matter and How to Build Them'.

Leaning on the research generated by Dr Nicole Lavoie and her team at the Tucker Center, we know that one of the biggest issues for women in sports is the minimal or non-existent networking and support by and for other women. This webinar and other programs offered by e.t.c across multiple sports are designed to empower women working in sports to take action to thrive by building an authentic network of meaningful connections.

This webinar was created to allow coaches from multiple sports, from different academic and collegiate environments, and from across the life cycle of the coaching pathways to:

Explore and evaluate their coaching network(s)
Clarify the purpose of their network(s)
Identify the makeup of the people whom they have and would like to have in their network

In our dynamic, engaging, and thought-provoking way, we were able to engage all of the women throughout. With the small numbers, and a mix of coaches from across the coach's lifecycle the webinar ran high on conversations of shared experiences, support, mentoring, and some reverse mentoring!

Perhaps the biggest takeaway was the opportunity to think differently about the people in the coach's own network, not necessarily who the people are but why they are and what value they bring.

Thank you WeCoach for the opportunity to work with you and support your mission.

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