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ESPNW's Global Sports Mentoring Program 2023 Kicks Off in DC

It was a pleasure and a privilege to be invited to lead workshop sessions during the opening week of ESPNW's Global Sports Mentoring Program 2023 which is offered by the Center for Sport, Peace and Society at the University of Tennessee for the invitation.

Opening week precedes the delegates's attendance at the ESPNW Summit and is followed by a three-week mentorship, during which delegates cultivate leadership and business skills from top-executives at host organizations like Google, ESPN, Disney, and the USTA. The experiences gained in the American sports environment are designed to provide opportunities for personal and professional growth and help expand their vision for change.

During the first workshop session we explored how to deliver effective presentations from the perspective of 'sharing' and 'gifting' rather than telling and selling. We challenged each delegate, otherwise known as a sister, to help one another become more impactful.

Our final workshop explored the essential independent learning skills required to help everyone make the most of their mentoring experience. The sisters were challenged to consider how to exercise their professional curiosity in the workplace and how to leverage reflective practice to scaffold their learning and development.

I will be so excited to return to the program for closing week to see how much these sisters have grown professionally and grown together as a family.







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