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ICECP Sports Coaches Continue their Coaching and Leadership Journeys

The International Coaching Enrichment Certification Program (ICECP), a joint endeavor between the USOPC (originally under guidance of Carolina Bayon and now Abby Thompson) with the University of Delaware (Matt Robinson) continues to unite and inspire a global network of high performing coaches.

The ICECP welcomed their 14th Cohort, made up of 35 coaches from around the globe to US soil earlier this month. The women coaches make up a third of the cohort size, more than in previous years.

Adopting a blended approach mixing on-line learning with in-person programs the ICECP brings advanced learning opportunities for the coaches. In the USA coaches have the opportunity to engage in residential programs in Colorado Springs at the US Olympic Training Center and at the University of Delaware. In between these two weeks is the opportunity to undertake a placement opportunity with Sports Federations, High Performance Training Centers and NCAA programs.

Perhaps the most unique part of the program is the challenge for coaches to do something tangible with their learning and undertake a work-based development project. I am so exited to be mentoring an amazing team of coaches which includes Das from Bangladesh (Swimming), Hua from China (Tennis), Ivana from Serbia (Track), Nurbeck from Kyrgyz Republic (Volleyball) and Orawan from Thailand (Tennis). Collectively they will provide their sports with new opportunities to recruit, develop and retain athlete athletes and coaches from the grassroots to elite levels.

At the University of Delaware residential program as the final activity I was thrilled to add a leadership component which challenged coaches to think about who they need to be and what capabilities they need to develop in order to be effective in the design, delivery and evaluation of their work-based project.

This final workshop was key to help them identify the growth they need to undertake to be effective leaders. We will use this as a reference point when we meet them again in Lausanne in 2024 and reflect on their leadership journeys.

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