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Unveiling the PTR Tennis Coach Mentor Diploma at the International Rackets Conference 2024: A Game-Changer for the Tennis Coaching Industry

e.t.c coaching consultants and MiMentor with the Professional Tennis Registry (PTR) are excited to launch the PTR Tennis Coach Mentor Diploma. We believe this will be a game-changer for the tennis coaching industry. Why? Because quality coaching matters and mentoring matters.

Beyond formal coach education and certification, we know that the very best place for coaches to learn is within their own tennis coaching environment. This assumes coaches are open and motivated to learn, recognize how the learning will value add to their own practice and are supported by someone else to make sense of that learning.

Mentors are perhaps best placed to assume this support role and help coaches leverage their own coaching environment as a classroom to enhance their coaching effectiveness.

At the recent PTR International Rackets Conference in Saddlebrook FL, e.t.c were thrilled to launch the new PTR Tennis Coach Mentor Diploma during a Mentoring Matters workshop.

The PTR Tennis Coach Mentor Diploma is designed to enable Directors of Coaching, Racket and Tennis Leaders, Head Coaches and/or Coach Developers, in fact any one who, either formally or informally, officially or unofficially, is responsible for helping coaches learn and develop their knowledge and skills to become even better coaches.

Adopting a blended approach, the PTR Tennis Coach Mentor Diploma mixes live online workshops with self-directed online learning courses. It is structured into three modules, with each being released upon the completion of the previous module

Module 1: An Introduction to Mentoring
Module 2: Coach Profiling and Supported Practice in the Field
Module 3: Reflection and Development

The first cohort is being offered in March/ April 2024 with the following dates and timelines:

Upon successful completion of the course learners will receive the PTR Tennis Coach Mentor Diploma.

This course is open to PTR Members only and costs just $257 dollars. A discount of 25% is available to those who register with the code PTR25 before Monday February 19th.

The QR code will take PTR Members to e.t.c's learning platform hosted by MiMentor for more information about enrollment.

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