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New York Red Bulls Youth Training Programs prioritize the role of the Coach Developer

The New York Red Bulls Academy System is a multi-layered program that provides a professional soccer training environment for youth players. The soccer programs are operated as part of the Red Bulls global approach to player development.

Each level of the player development pyramid has been structured to provide extensive support to players, coaches and youth soccer organizations. Within the local community, programs are offered for players of all ages and abilities. These programs are offered by Youth Trainers or coaches.

Currently over 150 coaches operate in the field and are supported by a team of Regional Coordinators (RCs) whose role is to provide supported practice to increase coach effectiveness.

Being able to develop coaches is a role that the Red Bulls Training Programs take seriously and are prioritising.

In response to this identified role and training need, e.t.c coaching consultants have designed and are delivering a Coach Developer Course.

In partnership with The Coach Learning Group the pre-course task required RCs to complete an on-line Reflective Practice course. This course challenged them to analyse and evolve their reflective practice skills, a key coach developer tool.

Click on the image below to find out more about and register for the course.

Starting in September and structured over 4-weeks the in-person Coach Developer course will enable RCs to:

  • Explore the concept of coach learning

  • Provide supported practice in the field

  • Build high quality coach developer-coach relationships

  • Assess sports coaching performance

Creating a team of coach developers who can support coaches in the field is a unique and innovative project not just within soccer but within youth sport. e.t.c coaching consultants are honoured to lead on this.

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