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United Soccer Coaches graduate from the Master Coach course

The 2017-18 cohort of Master Coaches and Soccer Leaders graduated from the University of Delaware and the United Soccer Coach's coaches premier course at the recent convention in Philadelphia.

The course which starts with a week-long residential at the University of Delaware and focuses on evidence-based management principles and player development to prepare experienced coaches and soccer organizational leaders to achieve mastery in six key areas:

  • Developing the philosophy, vision, culture and strategy for the sport

  • Shaping environments

  • Building relationships

  • Structuring training and competition schedules

  • Preparing for competition

  • Managing the game and analyzing performance

  • Learning and reflecting

The key challenge faced by master coaches is to design, deliver and evaluate work-based project which is the focus of their presentation at the conference. Sarah was delighted to mentor Andrew Ransome, Mark Platts and Emmanuel Abose during the intervening six month period.

Andrew's project was a player development program, specifically the development of player's leadership and followership skills in relation to the role of captain.

Mark created a coaching community of practice using Facebook as learning and development tool to support the volunteer's role and extend their soccer coaching knowledge and skills and encourage real time coaching conversations.

Emmanuel focused on the governance and management piece, specifically club fundraising.

Congratulations to Andrew, Mark and Emmanuel and to all coaches who graduated this year.

And thanks too for the opportunity to work with and learn from a wonderful staff, Matt Robinson, Andrew Donnery, Jeff Schneider, Ian Donnelly, Joe Sargison (pictured) and Paul Marco and Ian Barker.

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