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United Soccer Coaches second Coach Developer Diploma completed in Minnesota

United Soccer Coaches second Coach Developer Diploma was led again by e.t.c coaching consultants (Sarah McQuade and Linda Low) in Minnesota. 19 Coaching Directors, Head Coaches and Coaches travelled from across the country to attend the course and learn more about the role of the Coach Developer in Soccer. Successful completion of the course gives Coach Developers the opportunity to deliver United Soccer Coaches Small Sided Games Program back in their own environment.

Adopting a blended approach the Coach Developer Diploma mixes on-line learning with classroom and practically based learning.

Prior to the in-person workshop Coach Developers were required to complete an on-line pre-course module (Getting Better at Getting Better) hosted by e.t.c's on-line learning platform provider MiMentor. This course is designed to encourage learners to explore the quality and effectiveness of their reflective practice, a critical skill for an effective Coach Developer.

The weekend workshop itself, a sibling to the Director of Coaching, explored the role of the coach developer in facilitating classroom and practical learning. Significant time was spent exploring the concept and application of learning principles so that Coach Developers can deliver United Soccer Coaches 4v4 Coach Program and mentor coaches in their own work environment. Moving from the classroom to the field, Coach Developers were able to wear their Coach Developer hat and facilitate coach learning.

Feedback from all completing was hugely positive, John Conlon from NEFC (Director of Goalkeeping, Sport Science, & Club Administration):

'It certainly helped me clarify a lot of questions...and crystalized a lot of the adult learning methodologies. It certainly delved much deeper into the mentoring component which will be key in my home environment. Maybe it was hearing the same thing from 2 different sources or maybe it was hearing similar information from a different spin, but either way, I thought you both demonstrated both your expertise in adult learning as well as creating a thoughtful, fun, and engaging environment.'

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